Our policy is to resolve disputes through mediation prior to commencement of any court proceedings. We believe that resolving issues through alternative dispute mechanisms saves time and costs for our clients, whose interests are our paramount concern.


  FAZLIOGLU LAW provides a comprehensive consultancy service for the drafting of tenders and agreements with the administrative authorities. We also represent clients in expropriation lawsuits, and any other litigation with the administrative authorities.

   FAZLIOGLU LAW assists clients with legal proceedings and transactions in the banking and financial sectors. Our services include but are not limited to: extension of loans, conclusion of financial lease agreements, mortgage agreements, assistance in major banking transactions (such as securitization), project finance, debt restructuring, and insolvency.
  FAZLIOGLU LAW provides consultancy services to clients on public offerings, and merger and acquisition proceedings. These services include: representation of clients and submission of necessary applications to the Capital Markets Board, the Stock Exchange, and all other relevant authorities, in order to obtain the necessary clearances for the conclusion of proceedings; representation of clients before the courts in relation to disputes arising from such transactions and issues.
  FAZLIOGLU LAW advises international and national clients on Turkish competition law issues and related regulation. We assist clients in all types of dealings with the Competition Authority.
  FAZLIOGLU LAW assists national and multinational clients in all aspects of corporate law. We provide legal assistance in the establishment of legal entities in Turkey, share transfer proceedings, company secretarial, and general corporate management issues.
   FAZLIOGLU LAW provides legal services to clients in regards to both inward investment and commercial transactions between local businesses and those in third countries. A sample of our services in these fields include: assisting clients in international sales transactions, drafting distribution agreements, providing legal consultancy in financing international trade, drafting letters of credit, and representing clients in dealings with Turkish Banks. We also advise on international dispute resolution issues and represent our clients in arbitration courts.
   FAZLIOGLU LAW provides consultancy services and tailor made solutions to issues arising from intellectual property law. Our services range from registration of trademarks to pursuing cases such as infringement and dilution of trademarks.

  FAZLIOGLU LAW provides a range of consultancy services on labour law matters. These include the drafting employment agreements, due application of workplace regulations, and transactions regarding movement of workplace. We assist clients in resolving staff related disputes, such as termination of employment contracts, severance and indemnity payments, and overtime payments. We also provide consultancy on collective labour law, and advise on local regulations and labour legislation.


   FAZLIOGLU LAW acts for clients in debt recovery proceedings and execution procedures, for example in disputes arising from credit and loan facilities extended by banks and other financial institutions; non-negotiable instruments; financial leasing agreements; implementation of attachments and preliminary injunction orders. We also represent clients in bankruptcy actions and procedures in relation to composition with creditors.

  FAZLIOGLU LAW advises on all legal matters relating to mergers and acquisitions and can assist with structural planning. Within the scope of a project transaction, we conduct due diligence services, draft documentation necessary for the conclusion of the transaction, adopt company resolutions, and file applications to the relevant authorities if required. We have also represented clients in the negotiations phase.

  FAZLIOGLU LAW provides a range of consultancy services to its clients with respect to investments in the energy sector. These include but are not limited to: the obtaining of exploration and operation licenses, drafting of license transfer and royalty agreements, representing clients in dealings with the public authorities.

  FAZLIOGLU LAW also provides consultancy services to its clients with respect to their investments in energy sector by assisting them drafting necessary documents and following proceedings.

  FAZLIOGLU LAW provides consultancy services ranging from the lease and acquisition of real estate to purchase of land by non-nationals, registration of mortgage and all kinds of encumbrance claims in the title deed. We also represent clients before the courts in disputes arising from real estate properties and contracts executed in relation to real estate.